Based out of San Francisco, California, The Human Assembly (aka The HA) began where Hopi Astronaut ended in the summer of 2014 after a fever of shows and a band-splitting tour hangover. Rising from the ashes, Brooks, Thomas and Mikey regrouped and their unique style best described as 'beach-funk americana' was born. 

In March, 2015 the group recorded their first EP at Expression College titled Easy Target. Though somewhat darker than much of their onstage repertoire, (subject matter delving into the stormy inner battles of mental illness: "I'm a smoking gun...a trigger worn smooth/ I'm an easy target refusing to move" from Easy Target or, "sew me up, with all of the lovin' left in my threadbare heart" from Sewn To You) the EP still accomplishes the same effect as seeing them live and acts as an ambassador of their lust for life and infectious surrendering to a good time.

The band is also looking forward to the release of the Temescal Sessions produced in June, a two song, acoustic set filmed and recorded in partnership with LSTN headphones who provides hearing aids for those in need for every pair of headphones purchased. 

In early July, The HA set out to play in southern CA much like they had done the year before as Hopi Astronaut only this time, with the intention of giving back. Throwing what they call a 'Party With Purpose', the SF crew along with a couple of amazing local performers collected over six cases of canned food and dried goods for the nearby food bank. As front man Brooks Dierker put it, "the hangover we took with us was nothing compared to all the love we were able to share". 

The HA includes but is not limited to Brooks Dierker on vocals, harmonica, keys, organ and melodica; Thomas Patrick on guitar and Michael Dyer on Drums.